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11-08-2013, 11:54 PM
I am mulling the idea of selling my 1981 s&s. Boat is good but not showroom, could be if somebody had it re-gelled.

Bought the boat 2 years ago for 3000. Boat had original main gel with a large blue stripe painted over the old metal flake portion and weird late model decals. Otherwise decent and usable. Didn't plan on doing much more than cleaning it up and using it for the time being. Plans changed, as I cant resist a project.

Tore it down to the hull, replaced all stringers with kiln dried doug fir, heavy woven roving with epoxy resin. New floor and carpet over it. Upholstery done in 2007 and like brand new still other than the strip of piping coming off the motor box.

6xx original hours. New alternator, starter, electronic ignition, carb rebuild, and rebuilt powerslot trans this year. Runs excellent.

I wanted the boat to look good but couldn't afford a re-gel so I had it painted (old gel not worth reviving). Light blue with dark blue metallic to look similar to the original gel. Original decals over it. Looks good and I get a lot of compliments, but it's paint. Trailer painted to match. Brand new guages except the speedos, new throttle cables too. New pylon.

I know it's not worth what I have invested, especially in time. But I am considering listing it and getting something a little bigger. What is a reasonable asking price for my boat? Anybody interested?

11-09-2013, 12:01 AM