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10-13-2013, 11:13 PM
Hi All - I have a 2008 X2. The bilge pump has been kicking on a lot recently, I thought it was my piggy back ballast connections - I checked those and everything appears to be okay, then I realized my rudder is leaking (other thread on that) but it seems to be more water than what I'm seeing coming in at the rudder. I pulled it out to winterize today, on my way to the dock I had it in gear idling and was looking at the dripless packing - as far as I could tell I did not see any water coming in there. that said, while winterizing, I really struggled to get my fake a lake to get a good seal and to make the impeller start picking up water. I started to notice that when I would manipulate the fake a lake and it would start to get a good seal - water would start coming out the bottom of the hull at the shaft - it was not a drip but a steady stream of water.

Is this normal?
Is this a strong sign that this is water the water is coming and and kicking my bilge pump on?
If the seal is bad, are there adjustments on the dripless packing?
If not adjustments, is this going to be an expensive fix at the dealer?

Appreciate any help, I've owned inboards for 15 years and never once had to touch packing/shaft seal, just don't know anything about it.


10-14-2013, 02:01 AM
The Dripless packings have a water hose going to them from the water pump to keep the seal cooled/lubricated in the case that a large air bubble is trapped around the top of the shaft. Imagine putting the boat in reverse and hitting the throttle - you could throw a lot of air under the boat, where it would get trapped by the depression in the hull that leads to the shaft log.

Anyway, it would be normal to see water coming out of the shaft log. It's meant to be "dripless inside the boat, not outside".

10-14-2013, 09:14 AM
yes, a good amount of water should be coming out from the bottom when the boat has a fake wake connected if not something wong