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09-16-2013, 09:01 PM
I'm going to buff my hull this fall and I want to buy replacement decals before hand yet I can't seem to get a response from the two people I contacted. Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting my hands on these decals for my '99 Maristar 210. I believe the side logo is not original and I'd like to replace it in kind.

09-16-2013, 10:20 PM
Call Jim at BAWS 813-996-2297 (BAWS). He did mine for my 96 205.

09-17-2013, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the info. I'll go ahead and call.

09-17-2013, 07:58 AM
You can also use art from this site and have them made locally

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o91j4vsfromgu2x/r0N1CR5VtR at a sign shop.

Snake Bite
06-15-2015, 10:11 PM
Old thread back from the dead....
OK, I had a full decal set made for my 1995 prostar 190 but they didn't match the original size. The company who made them offered to make new ones free of charge if I could provide them with the correct size. I looked at this link above and it looks like my decals but does anyone know how to get them the correct size as original?

After removing original decals the color is brighter under them therefore I really need an exact match with the new decals.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated. Thanks

06-24-2015, 03:47 PM
If there is a shadow where the old ones were installed, why don't you just measure it?

06-24-2015, 04:30 PM