View Full Version : x45 Tower Help

09-11-2013, 05:15 PM
Hey guys I have a 2006 x45 with the 1/2 year production tower (right before the nice 2007 towers came out). I have thought about swapping but it seems cost prohibitive at the moment as the speakers aren't convertible, etc.

The issue with my tower is pitting. I am a little disappointed in the dealer who promised me they would get them off (just water spots) and instead left a bunch of polishing paste in every nook and cranny and did nothing for the tower appearance.

I have tried about every method on the web - bronze wool, Mothers with ball, etc. etc. It is simply in the alum. and not coming out. The appearance isn't awful, but it drives me crazy MCOCD especially when I pull up next to all my friends with their shiny towers. It looks like it is slightly hazy with tons of water spots. My best guess is either the previous owner overused the wrong product and removed the thin layer or it was parked in a metal boatshed and the metal on metal reaction caused this.

Anyways, I am trying to think of what to do with the tower in the off-season. Here are my options:

1. Swap out towers for a new one, perhaps fab out the speakers or get them to work somehow.

2. Re-anodize the tower - I guess it gets sandblasted down before hand. Need to find a place to do it.

3. Power coat it. I thought it might look sick with the same pro-tour red on the tower. Certainly unique, and since those towers are fancy compared to the newer ones it would stand out. Problem is I like the billet/alum look and not sure how this would hold up especially in the nooks of the board racks.

Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone had this issue or done anything to their towers?

Thanks TT