View Full Version : Bad trailer karma lately . . . my story

Kevin 89MC
10-19-2005, 12:13 PM
I just had to vent! Mine's similar to Footin's recent story. I was pulling my boat down the freeway for the last ski of the season yesterday, and when I get off the exit, I notice there is smoke just pouring out of the hub. It's REALLY coming out! :eek3: Looks like a huge burnout at the racetracks. Luckily, I don't see any flames. I was on my way to work, (skiing after work) and only 1/4 mile away. Dragged it slowly there, tore into it at lunchtime expecting to see a locked up brake shoe. Brakes were fine, but the rear bearing was in pieces! It took a torch and a cold chisel to get the bearing off the spindle - it had essentially welded itself onto the spindle! Got a new bearing, had to tap it on to the spindle, so no dustcover behind it for now. Put a ton of grease on it, and hauled it to the lake. I was not going to be denied my final ski of the year! It made it home just fine, it stayed cool the whole trip ( I checked it often!) I think I'll have to replace not only the hubs, but likely the spindles. Those look like they are welded to the backing plates, we'll see what Northern Tool has in stock. Anyone have advice for cleaning up a spindle? A wire wheel didn't do too much. Might have to hit it with a grinder. I will research other posts, but I'm thinking of switching to disc brakes, but seem to remember that the old actuators don't supply enough force. Any quick advice?

10-19-2005, 01:05 PM
The spindle will clean up pretty easily with emory cloth, start with course and work your way to finer grits. The spindle does not have to be perfect, as long as the bearing will slide on easily without much play after it is seated. Most of my spindle damage occured between were the bearings ride and this area does not matter. My spindle was pretty clewed up on the outer bearing surface and I was able to make it look pretty good with the emory cloth with about 45 minutes of sanding.

I will update my bearing story of what all I have replaced as I just finished last nitght.