View Full Version : Proper Mounting Height of Outboard on BF200

Barefoot Tom
08-25-2013, 04:34 PM
I have owned a BF200 since 1996. I had to repower from a Merc 200 to a Yamaha V-Max HPDI in 2003. The Yamaha was very reliable and quiet with reduced fuel consumption. However, it had different handling characteristics. I attributed this to the heavier motor upsetting the balance of the boat. It would porpoise when trimmed up much at all and the top end went from 63 mph to the mid to low 50's. I relocated the battery to the front of the boat which helped only a little. I resigned to accept the change. Well, 425 engine hours later, I finally figured out that the motor may have been mounted too deep. I moved it up 2 holes this weekend. I now have my old boat back! No porpoising when trimmed up. Top end is back to 63 mph. Unfortunately, I broke one of my 50 mph airguide speedometer diaphragms when going 63 mph (GPS). Anyone else had that problem after repower. If you have, consider moving the motor up.

08-25-2013, 07:18 PM
Great post Tom!!!

More often then not, when people find out they might have done something wrong on their end they will just sit on it. They don't want to be look at in a bad light or what not!!

Bully to you for offering up a great fix!!!