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08-13-2013, 03:44 PM
02 PS190. Left speedo will not move off 0 and the right will peg out when boat starts to go ( meaning at about 25 mph it will peg at 50 and stay there). I have tested the paddle wheel and it seems to be working properly, it will build up to about 5 volts when spun. I did cut out the connection at the wheel and soldered the wires back together to eliminate the plug. Also I have been under the dash and checked connections there as well as swapped the positions of the gauges and the problem was the same. When the original left side speedo was plugged into the right side connector it would not move and when the left speedo was plugged into the right connector it acted the same, jumped up and pegged out with the flick of my finger. All other gauges are working properly. Is it possible to have a single bad gauge that can effect the both of them? Also the speed control adjust buttons will not work on either side. Please help need some advice!!!! Does not have PP

08-13-2013, 06:32 PM
Not sure if the 02 is like the 03 but if it is it's either a failed gauge or the MDC. The early MDCs were twitchy at best. In the 03 the gauges are merely output devices and do not measure anything. They are servo motors driven by output from the MDC. The 03 was known for ground problems and noise on the data bus of the MDC. The electrical noise on mine was bad enough to effect the Perfect Pass I installed and needed to have a filter installed for it to work correctly (I got this information and the filter directly from Perfect Pass). Once installed all was right with the PP.

As this is a bus environment a single malfunctioning gauge can cause problems on the entire buss (just like an old Ethernet network). This can lead to intermittent gauge issues and total loss of all gauges due to one malfunctioning gauge. In my case my gauges worked in the morning and as the day went along a couple would quit working, mostly after restarts. Before selling the boat I had it close to right, the gauges only failed a couple times a day. I ran a larger ground wirer from a grounding buss at the battery that I installed to the dash grounding buss and cleaned all the connections. I was about to either buy a full set of gauges off Ebay and start changing them one by one or take it to the dealer as I was told they had a analyzer that could detect the problem. Instead a great deal came my way and I sold it to buy a newer X2.

Again this all assumes the 02 and 03 MDC and gauges were the same......

08-13-2013, 09:26 PM
Thanks. I'm thinking of buying one new gauge and see what will happen. I have also checked the ground buss under the dash and it seemed to be good. One thing I did do was install a new stereo deck and driver remote, all clarion. The new driver remote was hard wired to the deck just like the old one was but it did have two other wires one being a ground and the other had spade type connector on the back of the old factory remote. What would this be for? I'm wishing I could come across a sweet deal on a x2!!! Is there still a good market for the ps mine is a haus pretty clean boat with the 6.0 and only about 450 hrs.

08-14-2013, 08:35 AM
Most likely the other two wires were for the back lighting that would go on with the dash lights. I'm thinking the gauge replacement is probably not a bad way to go at this point.

I bought my current boat (07 X2) at the height of the depression we're just coming out of in March of 09. Back then there were a lot of people that had purchased things that they really shouldn't have and used the equity in their house to buy them. I basically got my boat for about 2/3 it's value and was lucky enough to move my 03 X2 a week before.

I think ProStars have really been coming up in value the last few years as people have started getting back into slalom skiing. Several of my friends have commented that if/when they sell their wake boats they will be looking to get back to the basics and get either a 190 or 197. I personally have been tempted by a couple low dollar early 90s ProStars that I've considered buying as a project. I'd probably have one now but just don't have the room to take on such a project. Too bad as our winters are real long and restoring a boat would be a great alternative to sitting around the TV all day and night.

Your boat sounds rather rare and would probably catch the attention of a serious skier looking for a boat that will provide some serious performance yet won't break the bank.

There are always deals out there. Most times its just a matter of looking and being ready to move when it comes around.