View Full Version : Engine starting missing, what could it be?

08-11-2013, 09:19 PM
took a group on a lake cruise with almost a full tank. We'd done this same routine before. We even got farther and back on a tank of gas.
We were almost back to the dock when the boat starting missing out, like a cough. I assumed we were running out of gas. So I had the driver, my wife, just shut it off. I had her turn the key and check theat unreliable gas gauge. It showed empty. I hitched a ride to my dock and got a can of gas. I put it in, started and came home.
I went to put in the remaining 22 gals to fill up the 197's 28 gals. tank, BUT only got about 15 gals in. So it couldn't have been empty.
This morning, no issues, skied the course and took a few tubing (don't shot me). I'm wondering what else it could have been? Could the fuel pump be getting ready to go?
I have an 03 197 S&S, with original fuel pump (I think-2nd owner), approx. 495 hours.