View Full Version : ps 190 shutting down after about 500 yards

08-10-2013, 05:41 PM
ok i may suspect i have 2 problems but need some help.
i have a 91 ps 190, indmar motor. she is has been showing some strange temp readings. 160 then spikes to 220 and i get the alarm. then after 10 or so seconds back to 160. i have replaced the temp sending unit, put in a new 160 thermo. did not help. now it has started to shut off at 140 deg. and acts like the kill switch is pulled. when the temp hit 120 it will start. and run long enough for me to get back to the ramp. and when i did get back, the temp was already at 180. total distance traveled about 500yrds. i just replaced the kill switch. no change and it repeated the above for a second time. coil feels cool. it ran great till i took it to the shop for some trans work. while they had it i had them do a 100 hr service....empeller, oil, plugs. starts and idles fine while cold. im at my wits end and about ready to drag it out to the middle of the lake and pull the plug. i have also checked and cleaned the screen in the trans cooler. so i need some help!