View Full Version : mayfair pumps

08-09-2013, 01:41 PM
Hey All
I have a 01 x10, 2 of my ballast and my bildge pumps are going. i was looking around and i can get a cartridge for up to 1250!, currently have 500. will it fit the same housing? will my plumbing handle it. i think it will after seeing new boats with the same plumbing. also where to get best price?

2 other things i need, just got my gel coat done and need mc decals, and a new dip stick and tune up parts. i see allot of you talking about jim and baws and ski dim, who usually has the better prices and shipping or how do you choose between the two? seems like jim helps allot of guys out here, so prefer him to get my money, but dont want to give up more then i have to.