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07-30-2013, 09:24 PM
Does any know how to test the three lead fuel sending unit, part number 153270 on 2000 210VRS?

07-30-2013, 10:18 PM
Unscrew the sender from the tank, turn the key on and lift the sender out of the tank, see if the fuel gauge moves. Also, try this:

If you are missing the 12v supply voltage between the red and blk wires of the sender, that would cause the symptom you are seeing-- false E and wont cal, but shorting Send/Neg makes a Full reading.

--With the sender unplugged, make the following measurements in the harness connector. Put the black lead of your voltmeter on the pin that connects to sender black (ie the center pin) and use the red lead of your voltmeter to measure the other two pins. If a reading is *negative*, show a minus sign with it:

Pos/Neg (harness wires that connect to red/black) = ____________vdc (expected: maybe +12.5vdc; ie battery voltage)

Send/Neg (harness wires that connect to wht/black) = ___________vdc (expected: either about a volt less than Pos/Neg if its an older Mastercraft such as before 2001, or about +7.0v if it's not an older Mastercraft)

Water at the bottom of the tank can cause a false E reading, because it shorts the inner tube to the outer at the bottom of the sender and stops the sender from doing a reading. I always suggest folks raise the sender a few inches (water will be at the bottom of the tank) to see if that lets the reading go back up onto scale _______________