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07-30-2013, 12:06 AM
Well, here is my situation. I currently own an 06 x1. Its been a great boat. I bought it at the time to wakeskate and wakeboard with the odd surf session while riding back to dock ect. At the time of purchase my kids were two and two weeks old. We've found that our needs of a boat have changed a bit. We are surfing more and more these days. I've upgraded the ballast system to the 750's, IBS ect. Its not the greatest wave around, but not too bad. My brother in law is a surfboard shaper for a living, so I've been able to design some boards that ride the x 10 wave pretty well. Having said all of that, I really like some of the options on the newer MC hulls, surf tabs mainly. The x 10 catches my attention because of the wave its able to break. I also like the fact that the x10 would still fit in my garage and on my lift like the x1 does. I the problem is that my x1 is paid for and the new x 10's would obviously set me way back! We live on a lake so the boat is a big part of my family's lifestyle, but up here in Canada its a 4 month game at best. I think I'll have to upgrade at some point anyway, I'm just trying to decide when?? What makes sense?

Are the tabs working well on more affordable rigs like an x2? Would a newer model x2 solve my problem at all?

I was also thinking of waiting for the offseason to find a used 2013 x10 if I could, not sure how much I would save by doing that? Or if there would even be any used 2013 x10's available?

I was at the dealer the other day, they had no problem pushing for the upgrade right away, but the trade in quote was a bit of a joke.

Any thoughts or suggestions for me?


07-30-2013, 12:45 AM
Well, coming from a 2013 x-10 owner I'm not going to give up my baby! My thought process in the decision to buy new vs used was pretty easy. I'm sure you have been quoted some pricing from the dealer on a shiny new one, any used 2013 will be a little less expensive but will you get the exactly what you want for laying out that kind of cash?

Used is hard to come by, plus you really don't know how it was treated and may not exactly be 100% what you want when it comes to options,colors,etc. I just decided to chuck it up and spend the extra cash for new and get it geared up exactly how I wanted it so I am 1000% happy with everything. Since this is more of a lifestyle then a hobby for us on here, might as well get exactly what you want. Just my opinion. Let me know if you have any questions about the boat. I have ridden on 190,205,x-1, old style x-10 and of course the new 10 so I have experienced different wakes from a Mastercraft.

07-30-2013, 02:46 AM
Curious ...what did they offer you for the X1? How many hours?

07-30-2013, 08:13 AM
Boat dealers like any other business are there to make money and you can't blame them for trying to make money on you. A boat like yours will sell without having to broker through a dealer although you've probably missed the window for getting top dollar (or Lonnie in your case) this year. Whether the upgrade is worth the added cost is completely up to you. Will an X10 or X2 surf better than the X1..... most likely. The other two boats will also have better features and certainly more space due to their more modern design. Once again only you can decide if the added cost is worth the upgrade.

As far as trade in versus private sale goes you're always going to get less for your boat (car, plane or whatever) if you trade your boat to a dealer. You're giving up top dollar so you can walk in and walk out with the new product. The dealer is taking the risk with your old boat and will most likely have to hold onto it until next year to get his money and profit on it back. Is this worth the price to you? You don't have to trade your boat and there's nothing wrong with it so why not try to sell it on your own? It sounds like it's paid for and you've owned it for long enough that you should be able to get almost what you paid for it when you bought it new if you made a decent deal on the boat when you first bought it. So why not at least give it a try.

As to tabs.... IMO the newer ballast designs/features and hull design are going to make more of a difference than the tabs from what I've read and heard from my dealer. I have not surfed a boat with the tabs but reviews haven't been game changing or a must have feature to go surfing.

Off season purchase is a sure way to save $5K - $6K on a boat (on the upper end which you sound to be looking) and the time is coning soon to start looking for deals. People who have stopped boating or people that have kids going to college that don't use the boat anymore will be looking to move their expensive toy that is about to cost them another grand to winterize and store for another season. But unless you can move your boat you will either have to buy and hold your boat or sell now and hope you haven't missed the high point of the boat selling season. I've sold boats in July before and had to catch a ride with friends to make this work for me. It wasn't fun and the temptation to take the next boat I saw was difficult to resist.

In the end it's hard to go wrong with a MasterCraft if you buy right and plan to hold the boat for 5 or more years. if you take real good care of the boat you should be able to get very close or better than what you paid for the boat. It sounds like you're young enough and living on a lake makes it easier to justify the upgrade as long as you can afford it.

Good luck with your decision.

07-30-2013, 09:58 AM
Depending on the condition, you should be able to get upper 20's to low-mid 30's for your boat and there are plenty of people south of the Mason Dixon line still buying boats this time of year.

I would test the waters and put it up for sale and see if you get any bites. If you sell it, you have all winter to save $$ and watch for good deals.

Of course, a paid for boat is the best kind of boat to have especially if you can only use it 4 months a year.

The X1 is the best all around hull MC ever made but as you mentioned, it is not a top tier surfing machine but has a good ski wake and an awesome wakeboard wake. For this reason, they are still in demand.

Option #2 is to get the brother-in-law to buy a surf boat and keep yours. Best of both worlds.

07-30-2013, 10:50 AM
Not to start a dealer turf war but call some dealers in the states, don't necessarily tell them you are in Canada.
If you want new and willing to take from a dealers inventory (assuming you can find a dealer with inventory, probably have to look in the lower latitudes) this might be a good time to buy. Otherwise order and take delivery next season.

Either way, I might guess it is faster and higher sales price to sell the boat in the US? or is demand great enough for boats already imported?
A late (Canadian) season trip to the US for some final boating days then turn over to a US boat broker to sell might work?

I do think hull and ballast are greater factors than tabs, especially for the premium you will pay new vs a used x-10. I pretty much stopped ballasting my boat except for some surf, after I came to the realization max heavy ballast just burned more fuel and 95% of the riding was not at a level that would really appreciate the larger wake. It is mostly mental and bragging.

All depends on how much effort and creativity you have in making a deal work.

As for the kids aspect. You know already having a 2 yr old, there is minimal movement in their first two years anyway. While there is more between 2 and 4 yrs it is not a big difference. Having a 4 yr old now, I can see as we approach 5-6 yrs and more of her friends are boat capable, more room would be nice for another family.
As it stands now, while my kid is a certified fish with gills and better than many first mates at the dock. Most of her friends are barely water competent so it is kind of a hassle regardless of how much room we have at this point. BTW, I have both the 24' MC and a 24' pontoon. Still more drama than its worth other than the satisfaction of at least exposing the other kids to a boat and winning points between parents to reciprocate for other off boat season activities.

Last, if you are that into surfing. You should really take a look at Centurion boats. (flame away)

07-30-2013, 01:18 PM
Thanks for the insight. A few folks have mentioned Centurion and Tige as the way to go?? I've only ever owned a Mastercraft, feels like cheating, ha ha.

I've read that the new x 10 surf wave is near top of the industry, but again I've always been MC biased for quality.

Are Centurion and Tige waves that much better? never been on or behind one. I would assume that they are cheaper foot for foot than an MC.

07-30-2013, 02:11 PM
Good thread, but upgrade should be spelled with two 'd' s', for a double dose of pimping... Thusly: u-p-g-r-a-y-d-d


07-30-2013, 03:24 PM
I rode a 2007 Centurion Avalanche extensively in 2007 and 2008. I have not ridden any MC 2011 and newer.

This really opens up the manufacturer debate more than just a model debate.
I believe Centurion bills itself as a core surf boat. The surf wake was tall and solid!
This transferred back to wake distance as well. I found it very "peaky" with a sharp kick that was very different to ride than my MC that has a solid ramp with a little kick. I learned to handle the Centurion wakeboarding but I didn't find it as enjoyable as MC or Malibu. We also probably rode with more ballast/total weight than we needed although this was at the time I was riding 3+ days per week with a solid practice crew and was still progressing.

Surfing, hands down Centurion. I didn't experience any build quality issues and the boat drove/felt good. The side swipe exhaust was nice in reducing noise and exhaust smell. Smell has never bothered me much but they did prove a significant drop in CO. Unfortunately, the new marine catalytic regs in 2011ish killed that option. I don't know how extensive their dealer network is but if you are going a couple years old its a moot point anyway.

I have no problem crossing brands as my needs change. That is like saying I have a Chevy SUV that has been great but am now looking at a crossover or HD truck. No need for brand blindness, not every mfg is the best at everything or even every year. Its a big purchase, consider several reasonable options and test drive / ride before you pull the trigger.

07-30-2013, 08:27 PM
Don't know much about surfing but dependability and quality was what i was looking for in a boat. I found MC having both with performance a wake to boot! Brother In- law has the 2006 Centurion Avalanche. Nice boat but I did not feel the quality or performance as my 2001 205v. MC just feels solid and well built. I've had boats all my live and there is nothing better than having a quality built boat out on the water. With that being said, I am sure the newer than my boat MC's are that much better. Pretty sure you made up your mind about upgrading, you now have to do your research and decide what boat. Good luck and keep us posted.