View Full Version : trying to track down reason for contaminated trans oil

07-27-2013, 04:39 PM
2000 Xstar with Hurth transmission. Just picked up the boat last weekend so I don't know the service history. The boat has 275hrs, all in great condition, apart from the trans. It has the trans rattle that all the Hurths tend to have, Intermittent noisy in neutral, quietens in gear and goes away at 1000rpm - I'll change to 15W40 to quieten it down however before I do so, I need to figure out why the oil has water in it. I've had the trans cooler pressure tested, all fine and have run the boat for about 2 hours and not a single drop of trans fluid in the bilge. No other trans fluid leaks anywhere I can see. Could it just be down to poor service of the trans, maybe condenstation? Thanks....