View Full Version : X45 won't start

Boarded boys
07-26-2013, 10:30 PM
my 2011 x45 ran great on Sunday afternoon. I turned it off on the lift and hooked up the engine wash down up then turned the key to turn the engine on. I got a series of clicks like the batteries were low. these are brand new state of the art Exide batteries. I plugged in the battery charger that was installed by Mastercraft. It ran 30 seconds. I went back and turned the ignition key and the boat started. I ran it for a few minutes then shut it off. I left the battery chaser plugged in and turned in for the night. I came out on MOnday and unplugged the charger. I turned the ignition key and got a click back on the starter. Nothing else. I plugged the battery charger in. It turned off. I checked the battery voltage and it was at 13 for both batteries. Fully charged. All wires tight. All fuses appeared to be good. No sign of wire disconnections or issues. I had my tech guy look around and his tests said the starter was bad. I accepted that and took the boat to the tech recommended by the Mastercraft dealer where I purchased the boat, closer to my home, and he has done Mastercraft service and warranty work. This tech removed the starter and says yes it needs to be replaced, but there is an ignition issue. he says he has spent 30 hours reviewing relays,wires etc, and can't get power from the switch to the engine. The ECM has been flashed. A loaner starter has been installed and it turns but no ignition or fuel on the engine. Any help out there?

07-27-2013, 06:39 AM
Sounds like the safety lanyard circuit or the relay on the back of the engine near the trans is bad.

Boarded boys
07-27-2013, 12:17 PM
Thanks. The tech said the safety lanyard switch is very touchy. I will replace that first. The relay on the back of the engine is an ill more part or a mastercraft part?