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07-22-2013, 04:25 PM

I've got my eye on a couple of used Mastercrafts and hope to own one of them very soon. One has built in ballast tanks & one doesn't. We're not hard core, but surfing does seem to be in our future so I'll probably want at least a bag or two.

I've spoken with a couple of rangers at Cherry Creek & Chatfield. They suggested either avoiding ballast tanks all together or going with bags (because they can verify they're empty).

What are you guys seeing in terms of the ANS inspections? Is it sucking the fun out of going to the lake? The ranger yesterday said it was a 45 minute wait for an inspection, then if you had hard tanks you'd face another long wait for decontamination.

Last time we had a boat here we were on a private lake (that has since closed). I'm just wondering what life's going to be like with tanks until we find another one.

Thanks for any input,


GT500 MC
07-22-2013, 05:01 PM
I have hard tanks and yes it's a PITA at the state parks. Beginning of every year I have to go thru decon because we're not tagged due to our last outing from the previous year (usually couple of weeks in MN). If you only frequent Chatfield or CC, just make sure you get tagged when you pull out of the launch for the day. You should be good then if your next visit is to a state park as they'll honor your tag. If not, go during the week. Usually not a wait for decon.

07-22-2013, 06:40 PM
Like GT said, if you don't travel around too much it's not an issue at all really. But if you tend to travel a bit you may find yourself spending a fair amount of time in the inspection/decon/quarantine process. Our lake runs a more or less 2 week quarantine if you visit another untagged lake. That can take a good chunk out of our already too short season. As a result, once season starts our boat doesn't touch other water.