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07-21-2013, 11:03 PM

Hoping to get on people's radar in case you hear of something that you think might fit the bill. A little background first:
1. I had a 2007 197TT and sold it before moving to Cali.
2. Bought a 2011 197TT last year upon returning from Cali.
3. Have 2 small kids and couldn't justify the 2011...so, we just sold it last week :-(
4. I have been totally spoiled but know there are a lot of great boats out there!

What we're looking for:
A. Ideally a 197 b/c of the kiddos! But would consider a 190 if the price is right.
B. Low hours and/or babied
C. Very important, a colour scheme that passes the "fashion police" aka my wife.....must be black, blue or white hull (not important to me). Note, she fell in love with our last 2 boats which were white hull with red and black accents.
D. Something on the east coast unless shipping can be figured out.

1. Would you wait for the fall until the new 197 comes out?
2. Do you think I'll have a better selection in the fall....or, do you think the year/range I'm looking at it won't make that much of a difference?!
3. Can you talk to my wife about the whole colour thingy....making my search that much more difficult :-)


07-22-2013, 09:09 AM
I'd wait. If and when there is a new ski boat. You at least want to consider it before you decide. Or you go "why didn't I wait?", its the best looking, best ski, best boat, I should have waited.

Plus most of the old ones for sale are still going to be there on ski it again. Some may be cheaper once the summer comes to an end. A lot of promo boats to move if everyone prefers the newer boat.

I think a X7 boat is the way to go. Skis great, but you can let the kids wakeboard and a little space in the front.

Color; a black color boat is one of the best colors out there. I'd tell your mom she knows best.
Look at every day cars, you wouldn't want a new porsche in purple or pink?

Be patient, if will all work out in the end and if it was meant to be it will.

07-22-2013, 12:15 PM
I'd buy when you find one, getting harder to find IMHO

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07-22-2013, 01:25 PM
I agree with Tay. If the right one comes along no reason not to grab it. You know what it does and it will always do it. That won't change if a new boat comes along.

IE, still plenty of people searching for nice 196s even though the 200 is out. And still some searching for 91-94 PS190s even though there are newer hulls out there.

07-22-2013, 02:26 PM
Just throwing it out there........ I know a place where you can find a pristine 2012 WTT.

As far as waiting......I would imagine it could be at least a year (or more) until you could get your hands on a 2014, as well as a 100% guarentee that its going to cost a chunk more than the 2013s. And depending on when the 2014 does/doesnt come out, the older ones may be hard to find. ie- My 2013 sold after only two days being listed online and the buyer knew full and well that the 2014 was coming out some time in the near future. He didnt want to wait for something he knew very little about.