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SWGA Boater
07-20-2013, 04:47 PM
I have been having some engine issues with my 190. I am debating whether to sale it as is or whether to possible rebuild engine. Boat is 351 with powerslot. Engine cranks and idles fine. Under a load (2500+ rpm) it is building up crankcase pressure and causing oil leak issues (see other thread on this issue. No idea on the hours on the motor, not even sure it is original (has commander manifolds).

Boat is red and white. Boat hull has more than average wear some, rough scratches etc. Needs a new rub rail and some minor gel work on upper deck new transom. I have wet sanded and started to buff on side and it is cleaning up nicely. Cleaned up, the hull would be a 15 foot boat....looks nice at 15 feet:o

Interior has been replaced, no major rips, tears, cracking, but not original style. Gauges are aftermarket and drivers set is not original (after market on a small pedelstal. Pitots also need replacing.

Trailer would need tires, bow stop work (weld new stop), could use new winch and jack. Brakes are nonfunctional at this time.

I bought as a project boat to work on over the summer and next winter, but the motor issues have me bummed. Wife and kids are ready to ski, so I am exploring all options, including selling project boat and buying another boat

Located in SW Georgia.


07-20-2013, 05:04 PM
I would have a pro look at it... then your decision to sell or not would have a good foundation...

07-20-2013, 06:33 PM
If you got the '91 for the right price I would keep it and just sort it out. It might take longer than you thought, but once done right it will be a solid boat. I'm sure your family wants to hit the water but the truth is this has been a pretty crappy spring/summer in the southeast with cold into almost May and then a ton of rain/storms since. So...in reality they haven't missed too much:)
1991 190 with powerslot is an awesome boat - get it right, only sell it if it doesn't meet your needs (space, wake, etc). You will do a lot better on your investment, and if you keep it, it's not gonna depreciate too much over the years - that's a desireable ski boat!
No guarantee that the next boat you buy won't have some issues to deal with, and your 91 the era of 'bombproof' boats - 351W, no computers or engine management system, etc.