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07-18-2013, 11:37 PM
1989 MasterCraft Tristar 190 $6,900 OBO


Here's a great way to get into a legendary MasterCraft boat! Classic lines on this vintage skiboat, converted into a wakeboard boat. This is a fun machine with a high quality Birdsall custom folding waketower and Birdsall custom captain's seat. Interior carpet removed, windshield removed, rear seat removed, and the left console was also removed and modified for more room and ease of cleaning.

Rebuilt the 351 Ford Windsor 4yrs ago and now has around 500hrs on it. Comes with an aluminum trailer. This boat is used in saltwater. My family has had this boat since 1991, when we became the second owners with 44hrs on it. This thing is a tractor, will pull all the riders you put behind it.

This is a very cool boat, it gets compliments and attention everywhere we take it to ski. Very customized and modified, great boat. Call Kevin 561-324-9068. For sale in Jupiter, Florida.

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