View Full Version : Improvement in performance with a waxed hull?

07-12-2013, 12:14 PM
Ok everyone,
So I let my boat sit in the water for a week last year... Fuel pumped died and really couldn't get it out (have a boat club with a slip up here). River we ride on is pretty crummy so when I pulled it out it had a TON of crud on the bottom of it. Tried my best to get it off last year with vinegar but didnt do a great job.
Well, heading down to a lake to meet up with 93prostar190 and Mattscraft, and since they both have sweet rides that are newer than mine I thought I should step up my game a bit. Got under the hull and knocked 98% of the crud off with some toilet bowl cleaner and waxed it, looks like a mirror now. Can I expect any better performance out of her now that her bottom is nice and clean? Only reason I thought to ask is that I know anti-fouling paint really decreases a boat's performance... So I thought doing the opposite might help.

07-12-2013, 12:19 PM
Most waxes are scoured from the running surfaces of a boat after about 30 minutes on the water. You might get better longevity from polymer-based sealants like ReJex or Adam's Machine Super Sealant. Barnacles (slime/algae, etc) can indeed impair performance. Lack of barnacles/clean running surface gives negligible or no performance disadvantage compared to a waxed running surface.