View Full Version : KGB Pump Does Not Fill But Does Empty - Solution Found

07-10-2013, 02:31 PM
I spent a couple of hours last Saturday trouble shooting this one and thought I'd share my results to keep some one else from wasting time like I did. My KGB pump would not run in the fill switch position, but it did run when I flipped the switch to empty. I should have known better, but my first trouble shooting step was to change the pump out with my starboard pump that was working. Spent about an hour and a half pulling the pumps out and swapping only to end up with the same problem. So I knew then that it was a relay problem-which I should have known from the start since the pump was still working in one direction. I took the four screws out that hold the pump relay box in place-flipped the KGB switch to fill and tapped on the fill relay and bingo the pump starts working. Moral of this story is that I should have started with the relays since the pump was working and not completely toast. I found a replacement relay on Amazon and I'll be replacing it the next chance I get.