View Full Version : Thinking of going Chromex on '00 ProStar 195

07-08-2013, 12:04 PM
Our ProStar is in great shape, but the PO did have some boat ramp scuffs in the gelcoat, ski marks on the transom, etc. I am thinking of doing (or paying someone to do) a full compound/polish/etc job this winter.

When I do, I will remove the old decals because I'm not really a fan of the "shadow skier" decals and the "MasterCraft - World Record Tow Boats" has couple small chunks taken out, and I'm wondering if any TTers have experience with the "Chromex" style decals like these:

Transom: http://www.waterskis.com/750099-p/mastercraft_boats_chrome_mediu.htm
Main Hull Graphic: http://www.waterskis.com/750119-p/mastercraft_boats_chrome_large.htm

Anyone with a 98-00 gel scheme have these on their boat? Would love to see an example!