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07-03-2013, 09:32 PM
Hey everyone!

I just bought a new boat and my trailer didn't come w/ the spare and I'd like to add one.

Anyone know of where I could find just a single wheel (and tire) for sale??


07-04-2013, 07:05 AM
Saw one on eBay

07-04-2013, 08:40 AM
I just ordered a simple universal spare from mrmastercaft here on the forum and bought a MC tire cover. A matching 15" spare for my trailer would have been $400 at the dealership, just didn't think it was worth it. Send Pete a note, he'll take good care of you...I'm guessing he'll be along shortly :-)

07-04-2013, 08:05 PM
I found one of eBay, but it was chrome.. And $600.

I may do the tire cover thing instead as well.. Seems easier than paying a premium for a "mastercraft" wheel.

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07-04-2013, 08:33 PM
I found one of eBay, but it was chrome.. And $600.

I may do the tire cover thing instead as well.. Seems easier than paying a premium for a "mastercraft" wheel.

There's a member on here that constantly has spares advertised in his sig line.

Search around then PM him.

88 PS190
07-04-2013, 08:36 PM
User thatsmrmastercraft

email tires please at that email that's run by google-mail.com

07-13-2013, 08:35 PM
Message me.. I have an OEM Mastercraft boat trailer wheel (rim and tire) that has never been used.
I also have:
- a blue mastercraft Bimini and cover in great condition, no tears just a few scratches on a pole and needs a pole stay (3 dollar plastic piece).
- a trailerable mastercraft black ratchet cover (its in decent shape.. Plenty of life in it. Boat stored indoors so cover only has slight fade.. If any. I trailered with it a few times and works great.. I was cinching down a little too much on the ratchets though as the ratchet mounts started to pull off the cover.. But that was easily remedied for $50 at the local upholstery shop where they rebuild the ratchet mounts and used quad layers of overlapping sunbrella material and triple stitched. The ratchets will be very difficult to remove. :)
- tow lines - a fairly new sheathed blue proline carbon fiber and suede wakeboard handle and rope, and older yellow proline unsheathed with camo foam handle. A practically new (used maybe twice) pink unsheathed proline tow line with pink handle and small female grip.
- hyperlight wake boards and bindings
- (2) two parks boards dna 138 & 142? (Largest boards) one with the red large parks bindings and one without bindings. Both white. Good condition
- (1) one byerly board 138? (Largest) (white) with blue parks bindings (very good condition)
- (1) one motive - 140 board (pictured) with large red Belmont bindings (board good condition - bindings very good)
- (1) one Blur board (black and pink) with black and pink cwb bindings with fur inserts- ridden maybe 6 times. Excellent condition.
- hyperlite wakeskate (black)
- hyperlite wake surf (white/grey padded top)
- (begrudgingly) a very new ridden twice 2010 ronix 1 board and custom fit bindings (warm them up with a hair drier for a few minutes.. Cinch them down nice and tight on your feet.. Wait.. Rinse.. Repeat.. After 2nd time.. Ride... They will be perfect) the bindings are the most comfortable yet supportive bindings I have ever tried on.. Truly an amazing setup.. I don't want to let it go.. But the right offer...
- a nibril OJ prop for a 2006 mastercraft x30 (one blade very slight ding (no curl) another blade is dinged.. And will need a grind and rebal (place here in Hayward does a total prop recon for 80 and its trued and balanced and better than new.
- brand new ironman prop puller
- blue batwing fiberglass tower speaker box 6-6X9 (currently has 6 eclipse all weather 6x9s which work great.. Just lost the mounting ring on one..
- JL audio 12 competition sub in perfectly spec'd box and fits in any mastercraft under seat storage up to 2012 under seat behind driver (sounds incredible)
- tons of great wakeboard and ski vests
- a pair of HO double ski
- HO Axe slalom ski and swivel wrap bindings (blue, black and white) great shape
- Connelly concept 3 with same wrap bindings. (Red) great shape
- HO big wide slalom ski and the name escapes me (blue and black) great shape
- gloves
- ropes
- bumpers
- anchor and anchor buddy (used a dozen times. Fairly new)
- stretch dock lines (new)
- an awesome blue halon low pro light bar
- two (2) 12xt kayaks (one blue one red)
- fiberglass adjustable yak paddles
- aluminum adjustable yak paddles
- parts for a westerbeke 12.5 btg generator

If interested in more info or making an offer, message me.

Thank you!


07-14-2013, 10:21 PM
PM Sent, Kez!