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lakeoz tristar
07-01-2013, 10:40 PM
I tried checking the threads but if its in there I could not find it.
So I had someone over for a test drive today. 1989 Tristar 190 351 1:1.

Normal test drive normal start stop repeat.. Then he said is this normal? I said what..It would not go into forward. Engine revs no forward.. I asked to try reverse and that worked fine.. Then lifted the cover asked to do it again in forward..checked fluid level a few times looked fine..no movement in the linkage..reverse worked and moved fine.. Manually pulled the linkage into forward went right into gear and with the driver continued to move into forward and continued to work..Put back into neutral tried without manual and nothing manually worked fine again. A few more times it was off and on if it would move the linkage. This is the first time this happened and at the worst possible time.

Is there a quick way to adjust the cable or should I just try to replace the cable? Since reverse is working I am not sure if that means the cable is bad or just needs adjusted? Or is it possibly something much worse?

I know someone out there knows what to suggest

07-02-2013, 04:45 PM
Not sure if I completely understood you message, but I would unclip (disconnect) the cable from the top of the transmission. You should then be able to shift the transmission by hand moving the linkage into F. and then R. If it shifts into gear, both F and R, then I would concentrate on the cable or possibly the control as being the culprit, and not the Transmission which would be good.

The adjustment is where the cable clips into the slot, there should be a barrell bolt and nut with a cotter pin arrangement. The adjustment can be slight (one revolution of the barrell bolt) from working, to not working, in one direction or the other. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures handy and the boat is not at the house.

On my '88 Tristar, it wasn't always hitting the neutral start switch, and I inadvertently duplicated what you have happening on yours, by over adjusting the nut on the cable. It would go into reverse. but when thrown forward, it would just sit there. Took a few tries to get it 'just right'. That is F, R, and Neutral start switch.

Hope that helps some. Since you indicated fluid level was good, I would suspect the cable first.

I've never been into the contol on the other end of the cable, so I'm no help there.

lakeoz tristar
07-02-2013, 05:25 PM
thanks for the reply.. When I was in the boat I was able to move the linkage into gear with the cable still attached..So I was hoping it was something to do with the cable.. I will try what you suggest when I get back to the boat. Hopefully this works.