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06-29-2013, 04:28 PM
Up for sale is slightly used Ronix Bill 142cm wakeboard. The board is an 8 out of 10. There are no chips, or dings. The only reason it's not a 10 is because Ronix bindings were mounted and left marks on the top sheet. It has seen the water probably 12 times if that. I error on the more side as its been a boat board for buddies withoit boards. Never seen a cable park or a rail.

It has the hybrid rocker ( part continuous for speed part 3 stage for huge pop). It also ha the sintered slider base. Makes for less drag in the water behind the boat.

Pics available at request since the site seems to be having issues loading pics lately.

125plus shipping.

Ronix Arcade by Bill Wakeboard If you judge books by their covers, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Ronix Arcade by Bill Wakeboard. A new board for the movement of longer rope lengths, bigger wakes and faster boat speeds, the Ronix Arcade by Bill Wakeboard comes equipped with the new sintered snowboard base material. A wakeboard with skate inspiration and snowboard base material? Grind away.
Compression molded foam makes for a lighter, more forgiving ride.
Rocker and Base Features
Continuous hybrid: (a combination of continuous and 3-stage) Living somewhere between a continuous and 3-stage rocker, the Ronix Arcade By Bill carries enough pop to get you well into the flats and the ability to generate all the speed you need to soar. Simple bottom shape designed to land with more forward momentum
Fuller center rail rides higher in the water – the sharper rail in the tail area gives extra grip up the wake
Additional Features
Thinner profile for less added weight/ sharp bevel from tip to tail for the quickest in edge response. Artwork – screened UV clear top/ neon color inks/ hello my name is sticker.
Other Features
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Rocker Type: Continuous Hybrid
Fins: 4 molded-in outer fins offer a quicker release off the wake
Core Construction: Compression molded foam
Rocker Size: 6.9cm/2.7in (140), 7.1cm/2.8in (144), 7.4cm/2.9in (142)