View Full Version : Another Exhaust question!

06-22-2013, 10:55 PM
Why in the heii is the 80's skier exhaust $100 cheaper each than early 90's mufflers???




Both are 3" In/Out. For $100 less there is 2x the fiberglass. Can I replace my sieve masters with the skier mufflers? I just cannot justify rewarding anyone with $500 for a useless design of a muffler everyone seems to have problems with. I would consider straight piping but I am not sure I want the added noise and technically that is illegal in GA. I thought about PVC, but its heat resistance is nil. Metal risk damage to other components. I wish I could bond 3" OD metal sleeves to the fiberglass muffler but resin will not bond to both. What are my other options? I have tried to repair the mufflers already but they are just leaking in new places. Is there any reason I cannot replace my 24" mufflers for 40" skier mufflers for $200 less? This the last piece to my puzzle to get her seaworthy mechanically. I still think think they are total shices of pit.