View Full Version : ski rec for wife and son

06-19-2013, 11:11 AM
after watching dad struggle yesterday with his new ski, my wife and son got out the generic single ski from an old set of doubles and did pretty well. my wife is around 5'8" at about 130lbs and my son is 14 and around 5'9" around 130lbs. my son on his first attempt was carving out and charging the wake like he had been doing it for years. i'm sure there was no attempt to show up the old man.

when i was looking for a ski for my self i narrowed in on the HO Triumph due as it seemed like a good fit for a "bigger" guy. any suggestions for the wife and son? thanks again for all your help.

06-25-2013, 10:30 PM
Lots will chime in with any intermediate ski they've had good luck with. I'd start on ski-it-again.com Remember that kids will believe my re in a good looking joking stick. I've been looking to move a 64" HO, but as the kid is still growing, I'd be looking at a 66". Be sure the bindings are a decent set, and a good fit. Bindings are just as important as the ski. Next bet would be close outs and especially factory Blems. Try Overtons, Bart's, Ski Limited and water skis.com Good luck.

06-26-2013, 07:33 AM
X2 on sit it again. I just bought a new Radar Senate with double Vector bindings for $200 less than I could find it anywhere else.

If your son is still growing *which I would expect based on age) you can find great deals on lightly used gear that will only be a year or two old and at a fraction of the price. I wanted to move my 5 YO Connelly Concept with double Sidewinder bindings and let it go for $150 plus shipping. Not a thing wrong with it just didn't want another ski sitting in the garage.

Women's gear is the same. Amazing the number of women that will say they want to get into the sport then never use the gear they've purchased. It's usually all color coordinated, used only a couple times and in near new condition. Usually at fire sale prices too.