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06-18-2013, 10:11 AM
my goal for this summer is more exercise so i bought a '13 HO Triumph 71" with double attack bindings. i'm 6'2" ~220lbs. i only started watersports about 8 years ago so i don't have the "memories" of skiing as a child. i'm very comfortable on a wakeboard. we got into surfing last summer and i didn't wakeboard as much. i didn't slow down on the food or beer so hence the need for more exercise this summer.

i took the ski out for the first time yesterday using the generic overton's trainer rope. i got up twice but each time i got a face full of water. the first time i ran at 27mph and the 2nd at 29mph with PP. i felt very uncomfortable. on the wakeboard i feel balanced and the rear of the board doesn't feel a whole lot lower than the nose. on the triumph, i felt like the tail was dragging with the ski at a fairly acute angle. on the second pull, i tried to work on my posture and it dawned on me that i didn't have a clue what i should be striving for. when i kept my back straight and shoulders back it felt better, but that seemed to accentuate the feeling that the tail was dragging. the boots are in the middle position as recommended by HO and the little fin is at 7 degrees. i couldn't ski very far without giving out. either i'm in really bad lake shape or the muscles are different than the ones i use wakeboarding.

obviously i need more time with the handle. gonna head out later today if the weather permits. any advice on any of the above is greatly appreciated.

06-18-2013, 11:44 AM
Skiing uses very different muscles than boarding. You should get on the HO website and check the "standard" setting for the bindings and ensure they are correct. It may be set up wrong. If those are correct, I recommend speeding up more to at least 30. Your ski will "feel" better the faster you go. No more than 34-36 though.

Knees slightly bent, not locked, back straight and shoulders back. Arms in close to the vest. Slalom ski design makes it perform best on an edge. You may feel unbalanced when skiing in a straight line behind the boat. Unlike a wakeboard, that is stable when running flat.

Practice, practice, practice. Just like everything else.

Warning, don't try to run a slalom course unless you want to obsess about getting better.

06-18-2013, 12:00 PM
you will get a full face of water at your weight almost everytime... Get in a very comfortable position with the tail of the ski under your butt. Look up at the tree line or up in the ski... keep pressure on the rear binding, when you yell hit - crunch your stomach, hold your breathe and hang on.

Don't stand up to early - biggest mistake you scan make... that will drive your ski down and you will get pulled over your ski...

Crunching your stomach will allow you to have the leverage to keep your ball position as the boat pulls you up. Don't try to stand up too soon.

The 2013 Triumph is a more advanced ski with less surface are in the mid to rear section - so minimum 30 on that ski.

Practice-practice - agreed - took me a season to get 100% deep start when I am not tired. When you are learning abort deep water start when tired... Once you feel it - the trainer rope will get in the way.

06-18-2013, 12:45 PM
Keep the speed slower 28-30 so you can work on form. Skiing slower will also teach you to use your body to generate the speed and angle, rather than letting the boat create that rush for you.

ditto to what some of the others said: soft knees, hips forward (stick your peepee outt like ya got one), arms straight.

06-19-2013, 11:05 AM
great advice. went out yesterday and got up twice. felt alot more comfortable. i really like this ski. ran at 28. water was pretty bad yesterday due to weather. hopefully today will be better.