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10-05-2005, 10:14 AM

this is great, finally they've come up with a cool system that makes sense and you can access it online!!!NICE, and even sponsored by MasterCraft!!!

New Online Rankings' System Available For AWSA

USA Water Ski has released a new Online Rankings' System for the American Water Ski Association. The user-friendly system enables USA Water Ski members to browse scores from AWSA-sanctioned tournaments, as well as view current AWSA national, regional and junior rankings. Members can search for scores by name, tournament, date, region, state and city. Special links provide easy access from an individual’s ranking value to their scores. Members will be able to tell easily whether specific tournament scores have been posted.

The launching of the new online rankings’ system also marks the beginning of a new rolling 12-month national rankings’ formula, which will include the previous 12 months of scoring data. This replaces the “Ski Year” formulas, which could only be calculated at the end of each year. The system also features the association’s “Equivalent Scores” methodology, which combines members’ scores from multiple divisions, provided the performance conditions are equivalent.

Official scores are to be posted as soon as they are received from tournament scorers. Once scores are posted, rankings are automatically updated, effectively giving members real-time rankings. In addition to viewing rankings by division and event, members may also apply filters to view ranking lists by region and state.

Information provided by TRA Web reflects the most up-to-date information reported to USA Water Ski, and is subject to updating and ongoing changes. Thanks are extended to Mark Crone and the many volunteers who helped develop the new system, which was partially sponsored by a sport division grant through USA Water Ski.

“Members have been requesting a rankings-list system such as this since at least 1993 when I first came to USA Water Ski headquarters,” said Steve McDermeit, executive director to USA Water Ski. “Now, thanks in part to the hard work of Mark Crone and many of the organization’s volunteers, we have a wonderful system in place that the membership can be very proud of and utilize the entire year.”

The online rankings can be accessed at: http://rankings.usawaterski.org/.