View Full Version : Oil Pressure Drop

06-10-2013, 10:55 PM
So based on some of the reading I have done this seems to be normal. Over the weekend I was pulling 2 skiers on 620ft ropes behind the 89 PS 351 (240) w/slot. As expected, the drag of the rope being in the water had her running pretty hard. The skiers rode for probably 5 miles and near the end I noticed my oil pressure was right around 40-50 PSI at about 4200 RPMS. When I came back to idle after the run, it was around 20PSI, maybe a touch below. By the time I idled back to the skiers (620+ feet) the pressure had returned to its normal readings. Usually at this RPM I am well beyond 60PSI and usually at 80PSI. I was just concerned and wanted to make sure this was simply a factor of the oil heating up. I have never pulled a footer for long of a run so generally doesn't see those kind of RPMS for 5miles.

If this is normal, can someone explain to me what is happening in the engine because I am ignorant as to flow vs. pressure and how it fluctuates as the oil gets hot.


FYI running VR1 20w 50