View Full Version : 1999 Build/Gelcoat/Molds Questions for MC boats

06-06-2013, 04:00 PM
I have a question. Neighbor on the lake just picked up a 99 Prostar 205. IT's Red and white very similar to my 2000. He asked me a question and I really didn't know the answer to........so here I am

He recently took it to a detail shop to have it buffed and all cleaned up. The detail shop mentioned his red gelcoat above the transom was very thin and was the reason they couldn't really get the oxidation off very well. They mentioned that the red layer is only a thin top coat and that its actually a white base on there and that is whats giving the "oxidation" look. The red has been buffed so much that the white is basically starting to sho throug. I always thought the gelcoat color went straight through to the glass. Anybody have any info?

If that is the case what are his options to get that polished up, an entire new gelcoat job, paint?