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10-02-2005, 11:15 PM
...and crying at the same time

the name of the documentary is "Born Without A Face"
they are working with a young girl namd Julianna Wetmore
She suffers from Treacher Collins Syndrome and other abnormalities.

A plastic surgeon claims this is the most severe form of Treacher Collins Syndrome in medical history.

you can google Julianna Wetmore and Treacher Collins Syndrome
I'm not going to post the images in the thread, but it's a very humbling article

an exerpt from a site I found
By the time Julianna was two years old she has had two major operations and many other surgeries. Her mother Tami and father Thom Wetmore, a flight engineer with the US Navy, have been at her side almost constantly. Fortunately the US Navy benefits scheme has picked up the tab, so far, for Julianna's treatment. An estimated $3,000,000.