View Full Version : Rebuild time?

05-24-2013, 12:41 AM
Some of you might have read my other recent posts tracing out my fuel and electrical issues. Good news is they are all figured out, no longer dumping too much fuel and get good consistent spark on all cylinders. And 7 out of 8 of them are running right, not too shabby right? (sarcasm)

So I never checked the compression and still havent. I know, shame on me, but it seems pointless now.

Despite good fuel and spark still running bad. I started off with too many hours and years on too many connections, components, etc, so I started fresh. Rebuilt carb (was dumping too much fuel at first but fixed it as mentioned in my other thread), new coil, cap, plugs, electronic ignition conversion, terminals throughout motor and dash, fuse box. All working as it should. Fired up and still running bad.

First weird thing, had to advance the timing a LOT to get it to fire up. Wires are where they should be. Couldnt smooth it out once running. Killed it and pulled the plugs. Clean as a whistle except number 8. Black and wet with fuel. Thats when I noticed oil seeping out between the head and block.

A nice answer would be the head gasket. But why would oil be seeping out if it werent for worn cylinder/rings? Furthermore, I doubt this motor has been rebuilt in its 600+ hours/32 years of service so it seems pointless to pull a head and not go all the way. External head bolts are nice and tight. To be honest I dont even feel like pulling a valve cover unless I'm diving in. If anybody has anything else obvious to check you might save the beginning of boating season for me. If not I'll either be in my garage turning wrenches or on the river drinking beer in somebody elses boat (no complaints there).