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05-11-2013, 03:13 PM
Looking into getting my first boat.... never tried wakeboarding or skiing before. I came across a 02 Maristar 230 VRS V drive and was wondering what some of you guys think about it. One as beginners boat and two as wakeboarding boat. If this isn't a good boat what should I be looking at (my budget is about 20K)? If this price is too high what should I offer?

Thanks for all the help!


05-11-2013, 04:30 PM
Welcome to Teamtalk! I had an '03 Maristar 230 before so here's my take:

Great boat for large groups of people, tons of storage, good wakeboard wake (better with ballast bags once you become a more advanced rider) 330hp engine is a good solid choice for this boat. I wonder why it was replaced? How many hours on the boat itself, incl transmission?

It's good the guy replaced the rudder with the updated one, it makes a huge difference. Also good he replaced some of the seat skins because they didn't hold up very well in '02. Also ask if the calipers have been replaced on the trailer, they had some issues with those as well.

The cons:
No tower
No perfectpass
No ballast system

For around $20K it's a nice basic V-drive to start with, but once you add the 3 items above you may be spending another $5K or more in no time. It all depends if those things are important to you.

If you're set on buying a V-drive but don't need tons of room, you may also look for a used 205V hull with a tower. It's the same as an X-1, old style X-2 or old style X-star. All the same hull. Might be a better choice as your first boat that does everything pretty well. (even slalom)

05-11-2013, 06:31 PM
I agree with what was stated above. I have the same hull as the boat in the add. It was introduced in 98 as the MariStar 225 and in 99 became the 230. In 01 they made it the X30 which was the VRS230 with graphics, ballast and tower added. The stitching on the seats was just a little different with the bow back having an X graphic and the port observer seat having an X graphic as well. Otherwise its the same boat. All the v-drive hulls after 01 got the split sun deck vs the one piece. much easier to access stuff vs. the one piece which also has a power actuator that requires the ignition key to be powered.

This is definitely somewhat of a compromise hull. for that era, the 205v hull will give the best ability to ski, board, surf. it is a much smaller hull than the 230 or even the 210VRS (X10). For us, size was more important than the classic pro wake. these late 90's/early 00's hulls were built with at least some skiing in mind. as such, the 210 and 230 have a much smaller freeboard than MCs current "wake/surf" hulls. they still retain some skiability while putting out a decent board/surf wake with ballast. If I had the money, I'd be all over a newer X30/230 hull. Having said that, for the money its hard to beat the early 00 MC hulls. I shopped across all the major brands and at that point, MC was clearly on top. Particularly if you wanted any size to your boat.

to address your specific questions. i'd be concerned about the need for a rebuild. if i remember, this boat has been listed several times previously. i also don't know how you feel about bottom paint. I would worry the least about the ballast missing. the stock KGB system was nice at the time, but if you really get into ballast, you'll just have to pull all that stuff and start over. The tower and PP are the biggest things you'll have to budget for. ND still sells an OEM like tower for that hull. it is a plus that the rudder has been updated. radio is updated and some new vinyl. personally, i'd shoot for high teens for that boat.

if you want to see a great example of that hull, search "nickespi" and look at his new interior and wrap for that hull.

05-17-2013, 07:22 PM
Thanks for all help! Ended up not getting it. The no tower, perfect pass, and Ballasts played a big part!

05-18-2013, 06:45 AM
Bottom paint would be a show stopper for me. Means it lived in the water a lot unattended. This is not a babied boat. You can find something better if you keep looking.