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05-10-2013, 10:40 AM
We have a 1987 Prostar 190. I need a trick release that will fit this pylon.
I would like one that originally came with this boat. Im not looking for the cheap stamped ones. Thanks!

Ski Ya Later!

Table Rocker
05-10-2013, 12:13 PM
There is one in the market. I have no idea if it is still available or how much it would take to buy it.


05-10-2013, 12:49 PM
Thank You! I sent him an email..he's even local for me!

05-10-2013, 12:56 PM
Yes, I still got it. Skir68 contacted me and I sent him a response.

The last time he contacted me in February I did respond but his server blocked my response. But now I have his phone number so I can call him.

Table Rocker
05-10-2013, 01:09 PM
I will waive my usual commission.

05-10-2013, 01:38 PM
Thanks Table Rocker, If i ever get down to Arkansas, i'll buy ya a beer..or 6!

Table Rocker
05-10-2013, 02:14 PM
Glad to help.

05-10-2013, 03:38 PM
Glad to help.

You sir, are a good deed doer!

Table Rocker
05-10-2013, 03:58 PM
You sir, are a good deed doer!
Thanks, friend. It wasn't much though.

05-10-2013, 04:07 PM
I've got one I can sell also if anyone else is looking...off of 1996 Prostar LT1

05-10-2013, 05:27 PM
Thanks Tideengineer, EricB has already called me and we have a deal ! Its GREAT having so many friends on here!

08-06-2013, 01:17 PM
Hi tideengineer! Do you still have your trick release? I'm looking for one that will fit out '94 Mastercraft Prostar. Is this a single or double trick release? We have a special event this weekend so I'm in a hurry to find one.

Thanks so much!

08-06-2013, 05:49 PM
There's a double release for sale on Showskiers.com Click this link... (http://www.showskiers.com/forum/index.php?threads/professional-tournament-water-ski-double-release-4-sale.3866/) It looks to be an older posting...

08-06-2013, 08:35 PM
I've got a triple release I finally took off if your still looking.