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05-09-2013, 07:09 AM
I am buying a used XStar and had boat looked over by a tech. Only real issue was a prop that needed to be sent out as it had been dinged and also a strut for prop. Looks like this boat was bounced off bottom at some point. They are offering to cover the 2 repairs. Should I be concerned about more damage internally or is this pretty common with direct/V drive boats.

Boat checked out well otherwise.

05-09-2013, 07:19 AM
common it hit... check shaft for to make sure it turns true and I also would check the trans seal.... how many hours on boat? Pictures?

05-09-2013, 07:21 AM
It's out of state. I can request them to send. 2008

05-09-2013, 07:22 AM
275 Hours

05-09-2013, 07:22 AM
If the seller is covering the repairs, just have whoever does the work check for any other problems such as alignment, packing, rudder, etc. If it damaged the prop and strut, there could very well be other issues. To answer your question, prop damage on inboards is fairly common since they can't be raised up for shallow conditions.

05-09-2013, 07:27 AM
If the strut is not bent too bad and the shaft is true or a bit out of spec that should not be a problem.. also - if I was buying the boat I would like a close up picture of where the strut joins the boat. hopefully the gel and glass did not take any damage from the strike... if you pull the trigger I would have some sort of agreement in place if the hull needs any repair at strut/hull union.

Nice low hours... any idea at what hours the strut got damaged?

05-09-2013, 08:43 AM
Seller claims end of last season. I guess I need close up photos to try and determine severity of strike??

05-09-2013, 05:15 PM
Make sure there is no cracking of the gelcoat around the strut. This could indicate that it has taking some very hard hits which could damage the structure of the boats hull.

05-09-2013, 05:34 PM
Who is the "tech" you speak of?

Another MC dealer?
A reputible inboard dealer/service company?


Billy Bob that works summers at a Marina full of party barges?

If no one reputible then I would invest a couple hundred bucks and have a marine surveyor take a look and give you and honest report.

I agree with all the other comments provided you are real comfortable with the "tech".

05-09-2013, 05:41 PM
I learned the hard way in buying a used boat in the winter. I had the PS209 checked out mechanically by a local non-MC inboard dealer and they just ran the engine and hooked it up to the computer.

I took it out for the first time last spring and noticed an unusual amount of water in the bilge. I took it to my local MC dealer and $1800 later, it turns out that the rudder hit a rock of something and damaged the fiberglass around it. The dealer repacked my shaft, fixed the fiberglass and put a new rudder bearing in and I was back on the water in a week! Chalked it up to a "live and learn" moment.

05-09-2013, 09:19 PM
Also look inside the bilge on top of where the strut mounts for fiberglass or stringer/ support cracks.

05-09-2013, 10:59 PM
Be sure to fully test drive the boat to check for vibrations at a variety of speeds. The impact on a prop could have also bent the prop shaft. A bent shaft can cause a noticible vibration when driving. The tolerances on the prop shaft are very narrow and only a very slight bend can be straightened, otherwise replaced. The shaft can be guaged for trueness while still in the boat at a good marina. Hope that there is no issues with the shaft $$$