View Full Version : K&N Filter removal

05-07-2013, 05:57 AM
I have an 2008 LY6 Indmar engine with a K&N filter (Fire Arrestor). I want to take it off to clean it, have removed the large clip and is spins around easily but it will not come off... almost as if it is stuck on a lip.
the lip around the engine is quite stiff an I dont want to lever it off for fear of breaking it.
Should I try getting the engine hot and then removing it or just lever it off?

05-07-2013, 07:22 AM
I had the very same issue with mine but on an MCX. It just took some leverage to eventually get it off (and back on as well). If you're in a cold climate, I'd try hitting it with blow dryer so the plastic won't be as brittle/prone to cracking or breaking.