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09-26-2005, 10:32 AM
just got an email which I'm not sure if it is legit or not, but mentions of an upcoming November/December first issue of BAREFOOTER Magazine!

"Are you ready to finally have your own magazine that specializes in finding the best that barefooting has to offer? Tournaments from around the world, skiier highlights, gear guides, boat reviews, ski school spotlights, grassroot stories, how-to's, great places to foot, famous faces, and much more!"

is this LEGIT???like to see a FREE COPY 1st before i give them $20 and my credit card #...

Malorie Bacon <[email protected]>
To: Webmaster <[email protected]>
Subject: Barefooter Magazine - Sign Up Today!
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 12:17:41 -0700 (PDT)
You are invited to subscribe to the NEW Barefooter

This bi-monthly magazine will include all the latest
news, articles, pictures that cover the sport we love!
No more short blurbs in other publications!

An entire magazine that will keep you in the know when
it comes to extreme skiing!

Visit www.barefootermag.com

Each yearly subscription is only $20!!!!

Don't miss out - the premier issue has a limited
amount of copies!

09-26-2005, 10:39 AM
I did a quick search and found this for the email address listed for the magazine [email protected]


09-26-2005, 10:48 AM
Would be cool! Hope it is legit.

I believe you might be able to get it for free on here (or soon will be). Farmer had a site where you fill out a lot of info and could get almost any magazine for free. I get my WSM for free this way.


09-26-2005, 09:06 PM
That is the first I've heard of it....I'd think they would have been out at some of the tournaments over the summer doing some promotion. It would be great to see an magazine like that but sad to say they are shooting at a pretty small audience.

01-05-2006, 09:50 PM
I can tell you that it is legit. I have just received my first copy (Ron Scarpa on the cover in the new 2006 RS Vortex wetsuit doing a front toe hold). It was a little bit late (2 months) because I live in Canada and all the foreign mail was returned because of shipping issues.

It is a 36 page full color magazine printed on what seems to be some kind of plastified or very glossy paper. It might only be 36 pages, but there is only 3 pages of ads and all the rest is about the sport. There are great tips, bios and lots of event coverage and participation from the readers.

I encourage every footer to support this first magazine of our sport. I think it is well worth the money!

01-06-2006, 11:31 AM
I agree. It's a legit magazine, maybe a little rough around the edges, but the content is great. Worth the $20.00 if you crave more info on footing - something that gets very little press. Actually I was suprised when I picked up the first issue and saw a group picture of Colorado footers including my family and a picture of my daugter at a clinic. Footers are a small population and its neat to acually see a connection in a publication like this.