View Full Version : packing on 2005 197 see picture

04-09-2013, 07:05 PM
No packing nut only rubber hose 2 clamps and a poly carbon type of ring with mastercraft cover. Is there packing inside this and how do I replace and what size? Shaft is 1 x 1/8th inch with a splined 12 x 12 1/2 prop and 1 to 1 transmission.
Any help on this please. thanks

04-09-2013, 08:15 PM
It is a dripless shaft seal - no packing. Is there a problem with it (leaking) or are you just looking to do maintenance on it?

Generally, there is no maintenance to be done on it unless there is a problem.

04-09-2013, 09:57 PM
just maintenance for now

04-09-2013, 09:59 PM
Take a look at the skidim website, they sell those. You can probablby get more product info there. There is no packing that I know of.