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04-06-2013, 12:30 PM
I'm over waiting to have my rear compartments air out in the blistering sun. This year I'm getting my rear compartments Line-X'd out and then plan to put down a restaurant rubber floor cut out on top of the compartment floors. The plan would be that I just have to pull out all the wet crap from locker and wipe down the insides and close them up.

I've had great success with my Local Line-X shop in Placerville, CA where Lisa (Great Owner) is able to do any color matching I want. She's already sprayed down my swim deck in a combination of Black and Red and it looks Awesome. I'm also planning to have her shoot my fenders in all Red to. This will strengthen the weak fiberglass fenders and more importantly keep them looking Brand-New for years to come.

My appointment with the Line-X shop is Monday and have included some pictures... PRE, Prep'ed and then I'll post the after next week.




04-06-2013, 03:10 PM
I like the idea. Looking forward to seeing the results.

04-06-2013, 04:04 PM
I'm interested too. Cause it stinks back there by the end of the season.

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04-06-2013, 08:24 PM
Man u read my mind. I was just discussing this this morning with a fellow boat owner. Would love to see the results.

04-07-2013, 09:01 AM
I'm in an 00 PS 205 DD and I've had the same thoughts about the trunk. I can never keep it dry.

With regards to the fenders, I did that on my PS 190 and was quite happy with the results. I've yet to do it on my new(er) boat, but have been giving it some thought. Here is a shot of the 87 trailer.

04-13-2013, 12:19 PM
So here's the completed project...

The costs were $650 for the Line-X color matched to Gray. You can save some money by removing all the glue from the cover panels and by lightly sanding the glue off the fiberglass.

I also added some Restraurant flooring to add traction and allow for an air gap between the floor and the vests and wet crap that you throw into the lockers. This project seemed pretty straight forward but ended up being quite a tedious process, I did however spray down all my carpets at the car wash and everything drained out really quick and easy.

If you live in the Northern Ca area...I can't say enough about the great customer service at Placerville Line-X. Lisa is the owner there and she is possibly the best owner of a small business you can find. She also took care of the Line-X on my fenders, I'll posts those in a bit...






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04-15-2013, 01:08 PM
Oh my! That is awesome! I just put the boat in yesturday and now I have my first next winter project, that looks great and an awesome ideas my hat is off to you!