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09-03-2004, 08:27 AM
Hey All,

I just installed a Pertronix electronic ignition system the other evening and she fired right up after the install - ran smoothly, it was great...However, yesterday I went to start the boat and had to crank on it for a while to get 'er to start but it DID start. (similar symptoms to pre-Pertronix install) Then, after running for about 45 mins I started to get a miss - sporatic but still a miss...I've not had time to check this out yet - but I guess that's a question - what to check first? I 've installed new plugs and wires but re-used the existing cap and rotor.

I DID NOT re-time the motor after the Pertronix install, in fact, I'm embarrassed to admit I've forgotten how to time a motor so there's another question and then what is the timing info for a 454? I assume if a buy a timing light, the directions will show me where to connect the leads...I just can't remember as it's been since the early '70s that I've fooled with motors at all.


09-03-2004, 09:14 AM
There will be a pair of clamps for battery voltage- one black, one red. Self explainatory. There will also be a single wire with a clamp on it and this is the pickup that goes onto the #1 plug wire. If you get the kind of timing light that can be advanced, seeing the timing mark is easier since you are looking for it to be at 0 degrees and it's in a better place for viewing. Just rotate the dial to whatever the timing advance is supposed to be. If you have some chalk or a white grease pencil, rub it on the timing mark to make it more visible. Crank it over to get an idea of how close it is to spec. If it's off significantly, get it closer before actually starting it(since it takes awhile to get it to run) - it's easier on the starter.