View Full Version : New to me 2005 X45--battery setup

02-14-2013, 10:22 PM
Going from 04 X30 to 05 X45. On my 30 I had a three battery setup. One engine battery and two stereo batteries. I had the Borg Warner relay where the stereo would run off the two batteries when parked and charging when boat was running. The engine battery was in the back stock location and the two optima blue tops for the stereo where under the observers seat area. I had heavy gauge welding cable running from the engine battery to the stereo batteries. It worked very well, no switches to remember to turn and boat always started with no battery issues.

Just wondering what setup to go with in the 45. I will be running three amps for the stereo. The X45 already has a guest battery switch and battery isolator. Should I run the switch and isolator with the three batteries or go back to the Borg Warner relay?

Also, I would like to put all three batteries in back stock compartment. I would plan on running heavy duty cable up to the observers seat area where the amps are mounted and do fused distribution blocks to the amps.

Anyone have pics and info on there X45 stereo setup?