View Full Version : need help finding PCM logo on back of 85 S&S

02-11-2013, 02:47 PM
Hey every one i have an 85 S&S .. Grey and black.. Just got done buffing it and on the very back of the boat you can see where there as a large logo proab about 12" and 12" ... that had Powered By does anyone have this or know where i can get this
Pleasure craft engine Co

02-11-2013, 03:10 PM

02-11-2013, 03:17 PM
just went there there was only like 5 decals this was not one of them but thanks for trying

02-11-2013, 03:49 PM
I know where you can get it...bring me my keys and it will be granted HA HA HA

[email protected]

02-11-2013, 04:38 PM
Curious. Would that not buff out?

02-11-2013, 05:36 PM
Jim been spending time on the boat to try and make it look like it is semi taken care of.. Will be there wed morning with it.. Been buffing it to my ability, interior tried to help the seats etc.. Still need some parts though..

02-11-2013, 05:40 PM
occva ... it might buff out more but the boat looks like its been buffed out and down before can see where some old mastercraft stickers were so dont want to wear it out to much ... Not going for a show boat just better than it was.. its my 1st mastercraft and just want to use it a little.. Im already looking for a newer cleaner MC