View Full Version : Big Air Bimini

02-09-2013, 05:20 PM
With a new baby here (11 week old son), it's time to get a bimini top for my '99 205v.

Has anyone seen or used the Big Air Bimini? http://www.bigairwaketowers.com/bimini/bigairbimini/

My concerns are that it extends too far back, and will get in the way of the rope when we're surfing. I guess we could just use the ski pylon, but it's nice to give the surfer the upward pull, especially if I'm pulling beginners. Also, it's not a typical fold-up kind, and I don't know how easy it goes on/comes off. It says it's tool-less, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be a pain in the butt. I definitely wouldn't tow it with it on in any manner. Also seeking any thoughts/advice in general you guys might have about this, or any alternatives. I'd like to keep it close to $500.

Attached is the tower it will mount to.