View Full Version : 2 props for sale-1 1/8" bore

jeff shelton
02-06-2013, 08:16 PM
I have 2 props that I'm willing to sale. Paypal prefered for payment.
1 prop is a 14x20LH with 1 1/8" bore. It has been reconditioned. $175 + shipping

2nd prop was originally a 14x20LH with 1 1/8" bore. It had been repitched by PO from a 20 to 21 or 22 can't tell for sure. It will need to be reconditioned. It was on a 89 Tristar 190(barefoot) with the 454. It had a little vibration at WOT but was nothing to bad that you couldn't use the prop in an emergency to save a weekend. $75 + shipping