View Full Version : NE Kansas - Cabin Fever Party - Feb 9th Topeka

01-21-2013, 12:31 PM
Perry Party Cove is gathering Feb 9th after the Topeka Boat and outdoor show.

Yes, we know the "boat" show is on the lame side but it is a chance to touch warm Fiberglass in Febuary.
The real fun kicks off as the show closes. In our 6th year, its always a good time to meet and greet 150+ fellow boaters.
My favorite quote from the bar owner after our first year "Damn, I have never had a group start at 6pm and go til 2am and have that much fun!" (He obviously does not go to the lake :D )

The party invite should be visible to all, the group is simple permission approval mainly to keep down the spamers.