View Full Version : Tsunami 1200 vs Rule 1100 vs Tsunami 800

12-31-2012, 12:30 AM
Debating between these three pumps for my ballast system. Have read the the rule 1100 with 3/4" inlet is faster then the tsunami 1200 with the 1" pickup. Just wanted to get opinions on what people have used and how it has worked out. I'm thinking I will go with the tsunami 800's for the drain as I am always in a hurry to get the bags filled but never in much of a hurry to drain. I have the fligh high 750's in each rear locker, and will be updating the factory ski locker system. Thanks for the input!

12-31-2012, 09:32 AM
Ive doen the testing and yes, the Rule 1100 is faster then the Tsunami T1200 in a real world ballast install. On a750# sac, the difference in flow rate would be about 45 seconds. Both pumps are top notch and will serve any one well. I use both on many occasions and have not experience any issues with either. Here is one thing to consider that may help you decide which pump to go with. Compare the cost of a .75" thru-hull and ball-valve and a 1.0" thru-hull and ball/valve. Even though the T1200 is less expensive then the 1100, the gap closes rapidly when you factor in the needed 1.0" bronze hardware for the T1200. I suppose one could find a 1" FPT X .75" MPH adapter so we could use the T1200 on .75" thru-hull, but, we have seen what a reducer fitting will do when we tested the older T1200 with the 1.125" inlet with the Fly-High W747. The T1200 flow slowed to nearly that of the T800. Not to mention the added cost of the extra fitting and the additional height it creates. In a shallow bilge, this can put the pump body high enough to start to create some priming issue. The cure for that is a bronze 90 elbow...one more fitting to buy.