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12-01-2012, 12:09 PM
Hello, I know there are a lot (lot!) of posts and information out there specific to 205v, Original X-Star, X2, X1 ballast upgrades, and I've read through most of them. But I still have questions!

1. 2007 X1 with RTP, originally equipped with only the 2 rear ballast tanks.
2. Have two Jabsco pumps, one on each side of the boat, screwed into the rear transom though a thickened/reinforced piece of fiberglass, hidden behind two carpet pieces.
Intakes go through the stock Mastercraft manifold.
3. Have three ballast pump switches installed from the factory, one for either side.
4. The third ballast is wired and has power. It lights up if I push either fill or empty. And then if left on, after 15 seconds, starts flashing. Nothing else happens when pushing this third ballast switch.
5. I have already replaced the tanks with two 750lb fly high sacs. Worked great, used all summer.
6. Purchased a Johnson pump and a fly high integrated bow sac, understanding it will only fill to around 1/2 or so. Will plan on also buying a sac for the ski locker. Will probably hook it up with the starboard pump, so I don't really use that pump very often (surfed more than wakeboarded LY).

1. Where do I mount the third ballast pump? I was expecting to find a third spot on the transom, where the fiberglass was reinforced, but do not seem to have.
2. Wiring and utilizing the third ballast pump switch. I found extra wires coming off of the wire loom for the other two pumps. I thought it was for a third pump, but upon closer inspection, the wire guage is smaller, and it is labeled as Transom LT. Using a test light, did confirm the extra wires are tied to the navigation lights, and not to the third ballast switch.
Since these wires were not correct, where can I find the ends to the third switch? Do I need to remove the drivers side "door" panel? I'm guessing so.
3. Tried removing the floor panel to gain better access to the space under the floor. That sucker is not moving! Pounded from underneath though the access port, tried to slide and push the floor forward, nothing. I will take pictures later, but it looks like the board may go underneath the rear seat? Again, this is different from the posts I have read previously, which makes it sound like this should pop right out.

I will add pictures later today or tomorrow.


12-01-2012, 08:42 PM
The third ballast pump on my 02 Xstar is under the rear seat. Starboard side. Here's a pic.

12-01-2012, 08:56 PM
Ya, same place as in my 05 X2.
Which floor panel are you trying to remove? The access to the ski locker?

12-01-2012, 09:28 PM
My third ballast pump is in the same place. I have my ski locker sac and bow sac plumbed into the third pump with a 3 way valve to select which to fill.

Some people have luck just pulling on the floor from the bilge access to get it out. I had to remove the screws holding the rear center seat base to get my floor out. Remove the cooler and you should be able to see them. I think there are 6 total to loosen/remove. You can get to 2 of them from the cooler acces, and I think I got the other 4 leaning over the back into then engine compartment.

12-01-2012, 10:14 PM
I installed 2 additional pumps besides the original 3 that are screwed to the stern. After reading the forums and many measurements I decided to installed the pumps impeller down on both sidewalls of the cooler cubby. If you position them just right you can still drop in the cooler and use it. There is just enough gap on each side of the cooler, just above the gas tank to install two Jabsco Pumps. This pump positions makes hose routing simple. You need to revers one pump in order to attach the pump impeller down position. I did this because X1 already has such a limited space I did not want to take up another cubby with pumps. Also any potential leaks drains to bilge without getting the carpet wet. I used this setup last season with no issues so it woks well.
The original wring harness for the pump is on the driver side. Remove the divider between the engine compartment and the little cubby. You should see the orange wire with square dry fitting. Pump switch is also plug and play. Remove the top screws of the side panel. You will have just enough room to reach in and plug the switch. It is one large plug with multi wires. Only plugs in one way and fits the switch that comes with the Jabsco pump. 4th switch is challenging, it is not plug and play. Because X1 wiring harness has only 3 timers, the 4th timer you need to install manually. It is not bad, just PITA.
DO NOT remove the floor panel there is no need. You want that floor nice and tight. Proper way to remove the floor is by removing the back seat. If the floor loosens the grip it will constantly slide on you leaving an ugly gap between the main floor and the rear piece. There are access holes on both sides of the ski locker use an electrical fishing wire to fish the hoses. Hope this helps.

12-02-2012, 10:20 AM
Thanks for all the replies! I should have started the thread 1 day earlier!
I was anxious and ripped into the boat yesterday.
Pulled the seat and removed the drivers panel.
Traced the wires back and low and behold, right where Memo said it was! Of course, I read your post a few hours after doing all of this!
The pictures of the pump help.
So I can just screw into the carpeted floor it looks like.
Will also explore placing underneath the cooler cubby.
Good notes on the floor, I'll stop trying to pull it up.

For the bow sac, I was planning on using a "T" to send water to to both sides of the bag.
I also like the idea of utilizing a valve and incorporating a ski locker bag, good idea-

Now to pull that panel back on!


Found it!

Third switch

Tracing back

Floor, behind seat

12-02-2012, 07:03 PM
I've got a heater and the hoses are in the way for mounting it under the cubby- Will prob just drop it down in the starboard rear seat.

12-02-2012, 07:33 PM
I've got a heater and the hoses are in the way for mounting it under the cubby- Will prob just drop it down in the starboard rear seat.

Hartland is your heater factory original install? I installed the pumps on the sidewall. There should be no hoses there. I would take some photos but the boat is in storage. Heater hoses usually run on the side of the boat haul where you find the electrical plug for the pump not on the center of the boat. If you get a chance please take some photos.

12-02-2012, 07:46 PM
I think its factory. I'm the second owner, first owner did not indicate it was anything but factory.
There's two hoses, one to the driver under the dash and the second in the rear, underneath the seat. The hose for the driver does run up the side of the hull.
The hose for the rear originates from the same place is the drivers, then makes a 90 degree turn, crosses under the left side of the seat opening and through to the above the gas tank, then takes another 90 degree turn, to come out under the seat.

You can just see the black circle vent in this photo, on the right side, just left of the cup holders (above the 11!). I'll take some other photos later, from under the seat.
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-AMTuTYaowFw/T0lkBAXJwTI/AAAAAAAAHvE/skzEUUOVCEM/s800/%2524%2528KGrHqN%252C%2521h0E682SRfGWBOzDU%2528DL5 g%257E%257E60_20.JPG

12-02-2012, 08:44 PM
Ahhhh! When I read heater hose, I thought it was the hose that carry the hot water from engine to heat exchanger not the actual heater tubes. My Bad! Very logical placemat of heater tubes. Both of the heater tubes on my boat are by the footrest on driver side. I guess you are back to placing the pump in the cubby behind the driver. Now I like the idea of having a heater tube by the back seat. I see a spring project.
I used the 1 1/8 Y as well for the bow bag. Heated the heck out of the 1 hose and it worked out well. I used check valves in all bag vents as well. Good luck with the install take lots of photos specially the heater tube routing.:D