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SWGA Boater
10-28-2012, 08:10 PM

I am looking for a project boat to start and was curious as to the cost of a floor and stringer replacement in an early "wood" Stars and Stripes. For those who have went through a stringer/floor replacemnent, what did it end up costing? I would do myself so really looking at materials cost. I was thinking $1200-1500. Not sure what mechanicals would need replacing when the floor is out also. Any suggestions? Am I too low in my cost estimates?

Looking to join the MasterCraft family and have never had an inboard, so everthing will pretty much be new to me.


10-28-2012, 08:27 PM
I did that on my '87 SN. Here is the link: http://www.freewebs.com/billsboatworks/

Epoxy resin and fiberglass can be very expensive. I used this company to buy my supplies: http://www.uscomposites.com/

I wont even try to lie about how much it cost to do the entire boat and gelcote. I think I am still paying the bill six years later...But there might be some good information on the websites I provided that can help you estimate your materials and cost.

10-28-2012, 08:53 PM
Nice work Skipper.

SWGA Boater
10-28-2012, 09:33 PM
Thanks for the links Skipper. The resto link will make some fine reading over the next few days.

10-29-2012, 09:00 AM
I got a price of around $2,500 (I think) to replace stringers, floor and carpet somwhere around 10 years ago.

SWGA Boater
10-29-2012, 12:12 PM
Thanks 76. I may not be too far off ($1500) excluding carpet. Obviously paying someone labor would be more.