View Full Version : Anyone in Davis California or near Lake Berryessa?

09-07-2005, 01:06 PM
Hi, I'm from Davis, California. I was just wondering if anyone else is in my vicinity and likes to go to Lake Berryessa? I'd also like to talk about where you get repairs done on your MC. I just went to "Cope and McPheters Bell Aqua" in Sacramento but they are soooo busy it took over a month just to have a tune-up done. Please email me at [email protected]
Jessica :)

09-07-2005, 01:49 PM
im near davis, in sac. you re right unless you bought your boat from copes and complain alot it takes forver to get a boat in.

09-07-2005, 02:05 PM
Sorry I don't have a specific recommendation but a one month wait is not too far off the average for any dealer, any brand in this area for this time of year. Did you buy your boat from Copes? All the dealerships here have a policy of giving priority to their 1) new boat customers 2) used boat customers 3) others. Also August is one of the worst months. This is the time of year that they are really busy selling the new models and the service department is preping them. I just called my dealer yesterday in Pleasanton (I bought the boat new from them) and it was going to be 2 weeks before he could get to my trailer problems. When I first got the boat I tried to schedule the 10 hour checkup mid-August. They said they couldn't get to it for 4 weeks. I called the manager and politely told him that my summer would be over by then. They took care of it the next week.

09-07-2005, 03:09 PM
Hi! I'm in Vacaville and Berryessa is our home lake.

Wait time for service at Bel Aqua is a pain. We bought ours new, are repeat customers and we still have to wait over a month for service. When they open the new service center the wait won't be as bad. I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway. Welcome! :)