View Full Version : 92-95 PS205 Heater locations

10-22-2012, 09:51 PM
I'm wanting to add heater in the spring, and was measuring yesterday, and can't seem to find a "good" location. Trying to fit in a 300H, with the goal for 1 hot tube for observer, one vent for driver feet, one driver window defrost and a 2nd hot tube wherever the unit is.

The drivers kick panel seems like it would be tight, but do-able (I think - pretty friggin tight), then I would run a hose around the bow for the observer hot tube. 2nd hot tube would be under dash to pull out for passengers.

Under the spotter seat seems like it would take a lot of the area for all the hoses and hot tubes (I would want to put two over there). I have a small speaker and amp in there already.

I could consider a the 200H and just split the drivers opening for the foot vent and defroster, but it isn't insanely smaller.

Anyone have any pics / or suggestions on what they have done?